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The Travel and Tourism Sector is growing at a very good pace in India. The Government Of India has started number of plans and initiatives so that the Tourism sector will employ many Indian Nationals and generate more revenue. The field of Travel and Tourism primarily deals with take care of Tourist, hospitality management , travel and tour management etc. It offers diverse job opportunities.
India is a well known tourist destination , heritage ,cultural, educational, religious and medical tourists and tourism destinations are plenty in India. Travel and Tourism courses make the students professionals who manage the following :
a) Accommodation- Hotel Industry
b) Travel modes – Rail , Road and Airways- ex: ticketing and travelling
c) Tour Program – Itinerary , places to visit – site seeing etc
Not only in India , travel and tourism professional may perform their task abroad too. There are a number of Bachelor’s Degree Courses –

  1. B.A in  Travel and Tourism Management
  2. B.A in Hospitality Travel and Tourism
  3. B.SC. in Travel and Tourism Management
  4. B.SC. in Hospitality and Travel Management

Travel and Tourism course offers  vocational training and helps you to develop strong business management and communication skills, broadening your job prospects.
Jobs directly related to your degree include  :

  1. Holiday representing
  2. Tour manager
  3. Tourism Officer
  4. Tour information centre manager
  5. Travel Agency manager
  6. Event Organizer
  7.  Hotel manager
  8. Marketing Executive – Outdoor activity / education manager . Working on holiday on theme parks, a resort or at summer camp abroad  , hotel , museum and heritage sites. There are short courses after this such as TESOL or TEFL which give opportunities to work abroad example teaching English Language  skills.

The travel and tourism sector comprises many different industries and sub – industries including services such as retail travel , currency exchange , tour operator and tourism boards.
A Variety of accommodation services also fall within this category that includes hotel hostels and holiday parks. Associated with hotel  and core – business operations are conferences reverts , which provide all round employment opportunities.
To put it in a nutshell the students can get Employment in Leisure , sports and tourism sector , charity and revolutionary work ,business, consultation and management sector since as students often learn / have knowledge about Products , structure.

Though a combination of  vocational and academics students you learn about relationships between consumer and providers of tourism. The course equips ore within a range of skills –

a. leadership
b. team working
c. Problem solving, communication skills, with strong focus
d. IT skills
e.  ability to research.

In house training leads to promotion and increased knowledge too!  Particularly in areas such as hospitality , heritage and sustainability.  Postgraduate courses in specialized areas such as ecotourism or moral development may also be useful.  Type of Work :

1. Retail  catering and bar work
2.  Marketing , PR and sales
3.  Secretarial and related clerks
4. Managers

India with its Unity in Diversity , provides different job opportunities to the youth example : Travel and Tourism is an ideal job opportunities provider with its multifaceted course options as you have read above !