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SCIENCE –A Good Career Ahead

There are 3 primary streams of study after 12th: the arts stream , the commerce stream and the science stream. The most famous options in India are medical and engineering and they are only pursuable through science stream. However science is a field of study which demands lot of hardwork .
Science can ne defined as a systematic study and investigation on occurrence of natural phenomenon and theoretical experimentation as well as explanation. Science is simply a word used to describe a method of satisfying our curiosity. It is a vast field and concerns almost everything that our eyes can see or not. At a basic level, it is broadly divided in 3 parts –physics , chemistry and biology .
“One is always a learner.“        -Anonymous
Science is the only stream which is like a life-long learning process .New advancements occur in science technology daily and a career in  this field means being abreast with the latest technology and development .Choosing a career in medical field is among the most sorted out problem for the ones fascinated with science and handling people .In the past years ,the area of medical studies have gone through a variety of phrases of growth and has at present have become so immense that specialization inside are rising  everyday.
One needs to go to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment for any of the illness of human body .One can go for a degree B.D.S to be a dental surgeon because we all are fond of chocolates .Which ultimately leads to tooth decay .A dental surgery is among many medical measures that entail synthetically adjusting destitution or basically surgery of the teeth as well as jaw bones or tooth beautification .These days people are interested in using natural herbs as medicine thus prefer B.A.M.S[Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery]to treat any illness ,same for B.U.M.S[Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery] who wishes to use unani medicine as a sort of treatment in India ,that makes use of regimental treatment varasection ,etc .Pharmauist ,physiotherapist are also in great demand .For a healthy lifestyle we need a balanced diet ,of all that can be done by consulting a naturalist/dietician .Being a science student ,one has lot of career options as per our choice and so it is difficult as compared to early times when only selective career options were available .
There are many universities and institutions like AIMS [All India Institute for Medical Sciences](Delhi), Christian Medical College(Vellore) , Maulana Azad Medical College(Delhi) ,Lady Harding Medical College(Delhi) ,Kasturba Medical College (Manipal ),Grant Medical college (Mumbai) ,JIPMER College (puducherry ) ,UCL[university college London ](London)  and many more such universities that offer an opportunity for medical students to specialize in their respected fields .
Technology has taken a step onto such a vast scale that it is seeking life on some or other planet because earth is becoming polluted as well as populated day by day and also I order to make life happily possible and all this has been possible due to immense efforts of engineers which includes automobile engineering who are working on problem of decreasing availability of fossil  fuels .
In architecture ,there is a vast scope in B.Arch for building infrastructure in society .Then we have chemical and mechanical engineering .Social networking sites are becoming best friends of teenagers these days so in order to go to its depth one can go for computer engineering whereas aerospace engineering is primary branch of engineering concerned with the research ,design ,developing ,etc of aircraft and spacecraft statistics is a rewarding and exciting career choice too ,if you want to do something different being a science student .
Now if we start talking about Bio-Technology ,lots of institutions are offering bio-tech undergraduate and post graduate courses .It is a combination of technology and biology and includes subjects like biostatistics ,plant technology ,enzymology ,vaccination ,bioinformatics together with relevant laboratory programs which lead to a disease free ,happy and more intelligent human habitat ,longer and higher human capabilities and offers an excellent learning and trains the student in respective fields with theoretical and practical understanding of science subjects.
School of planning and architecture (Delhi) ,Sir J.J College of Architecture , Chandigarh College Of Architecture and many more Universities that provide students with all the facilities to pursue Architecture .
IIT[ Indian Institute of Technology ](Delhi, Khadagpur, Mumbai, Guwahati ,etc) ,BITS[Birla Institute Of Technology](Pilani, Hyderabad, Dubai, Goa ) ,VIT[Vellore Institute of Technology](Vellore) , Harvard University ,SRM University(Chennai), IIIT[Indian Institute of Information Technology](Hyderabad), NIT[National Institute of Technology ] ,MIT[Massachussetts Institute of Technology](Cambridge) , DTU[Delhi Technological University ] and many more are some of the colleges that offer chemical,mechanical, computer, aeronotical, aerospace and other types of engineering and have best faculty to provide best education to students .
Amity University , University school of Biotechnology , Jawaharlal Nehru University ,Jaypee Institute of Information Technology are few of the universities that provide best faculty for students who want to opt for Biotechnology for their career and passion .
Bill Gates ,Mark Zuckerberg ,Sundar Pichai ,Steve Jobs ,Stephen Hawking are one of the most successful people who took science as their career and passion as well .Albert Einstein ,Isaac Newton ,Charles Darwin ,Galileo Galilei ,Nikola Tesla ,Alexander Graham Bell and many more are the ones without whom our world would be just a non-developed ,untechnological and non-revolutionized . Naming successful people in this field is like counting stars in the sky, its rather impossible.
“Scientists are true driving force of civilization.”                                -James Burke
“The science today is the technology of tomorrow.”                                                          -Edward Teller
Science is everywhere ,it’s their in the growth of microorganisms ,in the heart of universe ,in the darkest black holes ,on the brightest star ,in the deepest ocean ,its everywhere around us .
It has been rightly said by Albert Einstein that:                                            “The important thing to evolve is to never stop questioning .”