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  • Mail: info@jdtytlerschool.com
  • Tel: 011-28744042
  • Mail: info@jdtytlerschool.com


The Founder : Rev. James Douglas Tytler
His vision : Education
His Mission : To Banish Ignorance
His Religion: Love
His Motto : He Conquers Who Conquers Himself
Our Pledge : To lift His Banner Onwards Upwards

School Philosophy / Policy     
We give each student a dream, a goal, an aim- according to their individual aptitude. Whether academically inclined or pursuing a vocational stream, each child is encouraged to do his best which is a virtue and a reward in itself. We see to it that no natural gift is crushed/ suppressed.


Achievements and Aspirations – Milestone of an Eventful Journey
The Founder’s Brainchild

J.D. Tytler School is a dream in concrete, a legacy of love received from our Founder – the late Rev J.D. Tytler. Housed is an L-Shaped building in New Rajinder Nagar, the School is encumbered affectionately in a clean, green ambience.

Educational Acumen

The institution welcomes tiny footsteps to the Pre-Nursery play School which graduate to the lower and upper nursery, then to classes I to XII. The curriculum is a persevering pursuit of Academic and Vocational Excellence. The Academic stream comprises of arts, Commerce and Science courses. Information Technology, Textile Design, Travel and Tourism courses offer professional expertise – a pioneering effort by J.D. Tytler School.

Instant Connect with Interactive Teaching

Technological progress has brought about a sea change in teaching methodology too. Classes Upper Nursery to class X are provided access to E-Rooms fitted with ‘Smart Boards’ that flash information related to the topic creating a lasting audio-visual impact. This is in addition to the traditional ‘Chalk and Talk’ method.

Daring to be different

Recognizing and respecting the social needs of the Differently Abled     children, our school has been among the very few to offer ‘Inclusive  Education’s to these gifted messengers of God. They are allowed to evolve  their latent talents at their own place and then mingle in their mainstream with the rest of the students. A visit to our ‘Learning and enrichment’ becomes imperative for all visitors!

For That Exquisite Educational Experience

Spacious, well- lit, well- ventilated classrooms provide just the right type of learning atmosphere.
The teaching methodology is student- friendly in accordance with individual needs.

Three components labs (Junior, Senior and one for Information Technology classes) enable students to master various skills of computer application.
Those aspiring for a career in medical and non-medical fields find the Science Labs providing ample scope to explore the boundaries/ frontiers in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Engineering Drawing. The Home Science Lab is the center for learning Life Skills, Home Management etc.

We are proud to have nurtured many an ace Swimmer who has basked in National and International glory. This has been facilitated by a sprawling swimming pool with a coach/ life guard being always present.

A state-of-the-art, computerized library each for seniors and juniors is well stocked with a wide collection of books and CDs.
Our School Medicare Center looks after the medical requirements and well being of pupils and staff members. Records are maintained and updated periodically. The Preventive Dental Care Center trains students in dental hygiene and also promptly addresses related problems.

The Vast Assembly Area cum Play field with a towering statue of the Founder witnesses the Morning Assembly as well as exciting matches on the Volley Ball, Basketball, Badminton Courts on either side apart from nail- biting cricket matches.

The Auditorium cum Activity Room is fitted with the latest in light and sound equipment- an ideal venue to showcase talent, organize Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, Counselling Sessions.

Parents and their wards are counseled regularly by the School Counselor on matters of academic, physical and psychological importance.
To encourage creative talent, exhibitions and competitions in the following art forms are organized : Needlework, Clay Modelling, Environmental Projects, Paintings, Sculptures, Rangoli etc.

Music being food for the soul, training is imparted for playing Violin, Harmonium, Tabla, Sitar and for Vocal music. Dance and Drama too are pursued with great fervour.
The Sports Spectrum enjoys a cutting edge with both Outdoor Games like Volley Ball, Basketball, Athletics as well as Indoor ones like Table Tennis, Taik won-Do, Yoga Gymnastics, Chess, Carrom weightlifting etc.

Exploring the outdoors, regular educational tours are arranged to museums, Art Galleries, Monuments, Science Centers. Camping expeditions, picnics, visits to game parks add spark to the adventurous spirit.

To sharpen the cognitive skills of our students, we organize a wide range of co-curricular activities like Elocutions, debates, Mock Parliament, Essay and Poetry Writing Competitions. They also dabble in the Fine Arts by participating in the Founder’s Day Programme, Music and dance Competitions.
And so J.D.Tytler School is well equipped to face the future with path-breaking concepts and plans in store.