• Tel: 011-28744042
  • Mail: info@jdtytlerschool.com
  • Tel: 011-28744042
  • Mail: info@jdtytlerschool.com

Important Rules

  1. All letters must be addressed to the Principal and not any person by name.
  2. Parents may correspond directly with the teachers only through the School Diary.
  3. No child suffering from an infectious or contagious disease is to be sent to the school. A student who has been suffering from an infectious disease must produce a certificate from a competent medical authority before he/she is permitted to attend the class.
  4. Students are not allowed to bring valuables or wear ornaments to the school.
  5. The following students may be sent home:
    (i) Late Comers;
    (ii) Those without school diaries and school books;
    (iii) Those who are not in proper uniform;
    (iv) Those who do not get marks, report etc. signed by parents.
  6. Habitual late coming, irregular attendance, unexplained or unjustified absence for more than 6 class days, habitual idleness, insubordination, serious misbehavior, absenting in any form, dishonesty and theft will be severely dealt with. The above rule does not apply to extra special offences and these will be dealt with directly by the Principal and action will be taken on the spot.
  7. The Principal reserves the right to resigning the charge of any pupil who is deemed unsatisfactory. In such cases the principal is not bound to give any reason.

    Code Of Conduct For Students

  8. No student is permitted to take tuition without the prior permission of the Principal. Students found breaking this rule will be asked to leave the school.
  9. Students who are irregular about doing their home assignments will have to stay back after school for one and a half hour detention class and it will be the responsibility of the parents to make arrangements to take their wards home after the class.
  10. Parents are required to meet the teachers as and when called.
  11. Parents, if they themselves so desire, may meet the teacher concerned after requesting the teacher for the date and time.
  12. Students who break and damage school furniture will have to make good this loss for repair or replacement.
  13. Parents are required to check and sign the student’s diary everyday and also the remarks given by the teachers at the back of the diary.
  14. No student will be exempted from Physical Exercise without a doctor’s certificate which must be renewed every month.
  15. English is the medium of instruction in the school and hence all students must speak English in the school and in their private conversation.
  16. It is compulsory for all students to pass the Sanskrit Examination at the end of Std.VIII.
  17. A student who fails twice in the same class will have to discontinue his studies in the school.
  18. Parents are to inform the Principal of any change of address or change of telephone number.
  19. Fee or any kind of payment due to the school should not be given to  any body else but the school cashier. The only proof that we accept that payment of any kind has been made to the school for any purpose is the cashier’s receipt.
  20. Students are not permitted to use the telephone except in urgent cases and with permission.
  21. While changing classrooms between periods pupils should move in silence and in an orderly and disciplined manner.
  22. All items belonging to the student must have his/her name.
  23. The school is not responsible for goods or money lost. Students are requested not to wear expensive watches. Money should not be borrowed or lent; nor articles of any nature exchanged.
  24. When the school is in session, the students are strictly forbidden to leave the class without the teacher’s permission or the school premises without the gate-pass.
  25. During recess and the assembly no student is to remain in the classroom.
  26. Use of Cell-phones is strictly prohibited in the school premises.
  27. Inappropriate magazines, books and other print/video/digital materials should not, under any circumstance, be brought to school.
  28. The management would view with grave concern the consumption of alcohol or substance abuse of any sort and seek the active co-operation of parents.
  29. Each child is under our care and protection, we attempt to see that violence is not done either to or by him/her.
  30. We believe that our students are perfect citizens and so we discourage abusive language which offers disrespect to anyone.